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Our little helper…

This kid. We are now entering Rylan’s forth year of “busy season”. He has grown with us… things changed when Rylan came into the “picture”- we had to restructure our entire business. Before Rylan it was all about what worked best for our clients schedule- now it’s what works best for Rylan’s schedule and our family. We are so thankful we have amazing clients who welcome him with open arms and an amazing son that have adapted to our growing pains.

Rylan got his funny side from his dad and his compassion from myself. Naturally he wants to be apart of every photo session. He BEGS to go on photoshoots. “Mom, can I come with? PLEASE. Just shoot one picture?”

How the heck can I say no?!?!?!

A few weeks ago was Rylan’s lucky day! HE BEGGED TO HELP WITH PUPPIES!!!! So I gave in! I thank Liz and Brandon for being so awesome and understanding to let Rylan tag along to help with their engagement session. He had a blast!!!

We are so blessed to have Rylan- he is the light of our life. The perfect addition to DP. Thank you to our clients for understanding that family comes first and embracing our son.

Now we just have to buy this kid a camera.

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